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PHA Training

August 8, 2009

A lot of so called exercise gurus promote lsd, long slow distance as the best fat burning method of exercise. Wrong.

Now first off, let me come right out and say, I have nothing against runners, the running industry the shoe companies, anyone associated with running. It’s a great and healthy activity for many.

What I do take exception to is that it is so heavily endorsed as the only way to burn body fat. It’s not, not even close.

What is? Weight training. Am I serious? Yes, I know there is the 300 lb behemoth at your gym that waddles in and out of the squat rack occasionally to sip on his gallon of water. Have no fear, he’s not the one burning the body fat, I don’t want you to emulate him or his training.
You don’t want to look like a 300lb monster that can barely tie his shoes.

The good news is you won’t. Instead, you’ll have a lithe sculpted body, with strength to handle any task and the endurance to carry it out. The powerlifter I mentioned has the strength, but not the endurance, plus a build that would never get you into the clothes you want to wear.

The type of training I’m talking about is peripheral heart action, or PHA for short. It’s basically a specialized type of circuit training meant to keep the blood flowing around your body. What it means in practice is that you follow a certain schedule of exercises in your workout that is designed to give you a great workout that produces cardiovascular improvements, strength improvements and most of all burns a ton of fat and elevates your post workout metabolism to burn even more fat.

The idea of pha training is not to pump up your muscles like in regular bodybuilding, but to have your heart move the blood from muscle group to muscle group around your body nonstop.

The workout itself consists of compound movements, bench, squat, dead lift, overhead press, pull ups, or similar movements performed one after another in a circuit fashion, repeated for a certain number of times. Usually you pick four of these movements and then do 6 or 8 reps per movement and then go immediately to the next exercise and repeat the circuit for a certain number of times. Sometimes people have a second circuit of different exercises they’ll do as well.

This workout melts fat very well and is superior to the long slow distance type of workouts in that it’s easier on your joints and is much quicker to perform.