When will the steroid users learn?

Another one bites the dust.

Performance enhancing drugs claim another victim, Mike Jenkins, and these guys can’t believe the comments in the article.

I’m not surprised that the Iron Garm residents are shocked by the comments.  They live in a world where anything goes and don’t understand the comments of such small minded folks that think sports should be drug tested (Is strongman even a sport?).

6’6 and 400+ lbs would be enough of a stress on anyone’s heart let alone someone that is drugging their way to the top of the strongman competition.  Does health even enter the mind of these competitors?  It’s a tragedy for his family, but one that was preventable.  Our choices have consequences.   Roll the dice and sometimes you lose.

“His death sent a ripple of grief and disbelief through the strength sports world.”  Grief sure, but disbelief?   You gotta be dumber than a rock to be shocked that using the amount of drugs some of these athletes chemistry experiments are using is not going to be hazardous to one’s health and maybe take a year or two or several decades of of your normal life expectancy.

“Steroids are used to promote body mass and increase strength, and the health problems that can result from their long-term use are well documented.

No shit?

If you are a PED condoning athlete or lifter and find this article offensive.  Tough shit, maybe you’ll wake up before it’s too late.   Mike can’t and it’s his and his families’ loss.  So my sympathies go out the his family.  The rest of you get my middle finger.


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