Steve Reeves Had It Right

Here are some Steve Reeves quotes that are right on in my opinion.

Quotable Quote by Steve Reeves
“Today, everything about the top bodybuilding champions is oversized; they have lost the whole purpose of bodybuilding which is to create a harmonious whole, not to exaggerate the development of one part or parts, of the body.  A body has hands, legs, feet, arms and a head.  If a man’s arms appear bigger than his head, his body is thrown out of proportion.”

“Today’s bodybuilders are carrying too much muscle for their frames, which distorts and obscures the natural lines of the body.  Why these men would aspire to deform themselves at such tremendous sacrifice is incomprehensible.  This has been indulged in to such an extreme that I’m thinking of sanctioning a special Steve Reeves Trophy to be presented at shows to the man whom I think has the most classical proportionate, tastefully developed physique.  The man who doesn’t actually win the contest might win my trophy, which in the long run might be more prestigious.”

“I don’t believe in bodybuilders using steroids.  If a man doesn’t have enough male hormones in his system to create, a nice hard, muscular body, he should take up ping pong.”

“I’m often asked how I would compare myself with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is in great shape.  But if there were two buttons, and I could push one button and look like Steve Reeves did in Hercules, and push another button and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Conan, I’d push the Steve Reeves button.”

Bodybuilding today is an absolute joke.  Why don’t they just compare pharmaceutical bills.  Biggest bill wins.



2 Responses to “Steve Reeves Had It Right”

  1. hoboduke Says:

    Steve Reeves was a great national treasure sadly missing today. His movies were great entertainment and young kids could idolize the leading man and lady. The villains were villains, and no psychological mumbo jumbo on why villains and heros are the same.

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