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Seven Laws of Weight Training

April 19, 2009

I ran across this on the internet.   Something Fred Hatfield aka Dr. Squat once said.  Many people fail to heed these when designing training programs.  You can’t ignore gravity and you can’t ignore these.

Recall the seven laws of weight training from most sport scientists’ perspectives. Here they are:

  1. The Law of Individual Differences: We all have different abilities and weaknesses, and we all respond differently (to a degree) to any given system of training. These differences should be taken into consideration when designing your training program.
  2. The Overcompensation Principle: Mother Nature overcompensates for training stress by giving you bigger and stronger muscles.
  3. The Overload Principle: To make Mother Nature overcompensate, you must stress your muscles beyond what they’re already used to.
  4. The SAID Principle: The acronym for “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.”
  5. The Use/Disuse Principle: “Use it or lose it” means that your muscles hypertrophy with use and atrophy with disuse.
  6. The GAS Principle: The acronym for General Adaptation Syndrome, this law states that there must be a period of low intensity training or complete rest following periods of high intensity training.
  7. The Specificity Principle: You’ll get stronger at squats by doing squats as opposed to leg presses, and you’ll get greater endurance for the marathon by running long distances than you will by (say) cycling long distances.