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Powerlifting as an Olympic Sport?

March 4, 2009

Before when I wrote about lifting suits and other jokes on lifters, I was serious. The gear (suits and “other” performance enhancing items) make Powerlifting a joke.

Long ago there was an attempt, to get the sport of powerlifting into the olympics. Do you really think the public wants a strength sport in which the clothing a lifter wears lifts the weights rather than the lifter?

Look at that! Frank’s bench shirt is so much stronger than Bill’s. Bill your shirt is weak!

Maybe in the future we can have the suits and shirts lift and leave out the lifters all together.

Unless power lifting gets it’s collective head out of its hind end and gets rid of the 22 federations with different rules and outlaws the magical clothing the sport is dead to all but it’s participants.

Maybe one day we’ll see a legitimate 1000lb bench, but all of the 1000lb plus performances so far have been a joke on the lifter who performed the lift.

If your so damned strong, show up in a plain old cotton t shirt and put the same weight on the bar as you did with your bench shirt. Don’t forget to make out your will though. In other words the Olympics are a long way off and getting further away all the time.

Oh and if you are one of the super suit/shirt wearing lifters, you are the equivalent of the synthol users in bodybuilding. In fact watch this video to see what happens when the shirt fails. It proves what a joke you are.

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