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Strong Not Big

April 8, 2008

Looks can certainly be deceiving when it comes to strength.  We’ve all been in the gym before and seen a less muscular person out lift a behemoth.  There are many reasons this can happen.  The stronger person may have better leverage due to limb length or tendon insertions.  He may have the ability to contract a greater percentage of muscle fibers.  Due either to genetics or from doing the type of training that fosters that ability.  The bigger person may be on steroids or follow a training protocol more geared towards size.

There was a point in my life from 14 to 35 where I really wanted to get big and ripped, like a bodybuilder.  Though I would never puss out and use steroids, the other thing I could never do and still can’t is to do higher volume workouts like 4×8 or higher.

Not liking those workouts is more of a mental thing for me than that I don’t benefit at all.  I do rep schemes like that once and awhile for a break or if I have an injury and I want to just work the movement and flush some blood through the area.

These days my focus is on strength with little or no additional muscle mass gains.  I focus on isometrics, dynamic tension and low reps.